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retired firefighter, avid outdoors person, golf, fishing,focusing mainly on wildlife photography

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Wayne_Duke commented on "Wing Span" 2017-06-29 4:43pm

Upon further study you can also see the Red Tailed Hawk sitting on the left edge of the nest watching it's eaglet sibling spreading it's wing, with the other two eaglets doing the same.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Mom Plus Three" 2017-06-29 4:39pm

Jenny, good to see some of your results from the latest trip, will finally meet up in about a months time, looking forward to it.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Picknik" 2017-06-08 6:23pm

DanCantlon, I think you made the right decision, hope he didn't scratch your vehicle.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Who's Watching Who?" 2017-06-08 6:20pm

Alpinewolf, a penny for your thoughts....mine are maybe you have pushed it just a little far, it's not as sharp as it should be. If you are wanting to really accent the eyes then lighten them a little. It looks to me as if you are handholding, use a tripod as much as you can especially when using telephoto lens. As a wildlife photographer I feel that I know what basic things cause me to like of dislike certain shots. I know what you are trying, try recropping, sometimes less is more, lighten, sharpen and thoughts.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Bucket List shots do happen! " 2017-06-05 9:36pm

Ryan Wunsch, congrats on having your Bucket List photo chosen as POW

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