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retired firefighter, avid outdoors person, golf, fishing,focusing mainly on wildlife photography

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Wayne_Duke commented on "Nikon Lens, Brings Wildlife in Close" 2014-12-05 6:39pm

Being a Nikon user I can appreciate the humor of the title. In most cases for me I have to use my 600mm lens for closeups.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Bufflehead" 2014-12-05 2:39pm

Nice shots Mike, hope to get out in your region, visiting in Sydney this weekend for a couple of days, better take a map and hope for good weather.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Looking Back" 2014-12-02 1:55pm

Mike, I haven't been out there since this cold snap, but prior it was very wet and the hawk stayed to higher ground. Not quite knee deep, but I could have used higher boots.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Looking Back" 2014-12-01 1:01am

Thank you for your compliment, I too, was very satisfied with the results while experimenting with a 1.4 TC on the 600 mm lens.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Rough-legged Hawk" 2014-11-26 8:15pm

Great colours, nice contrast

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