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retired firefighter, avid outdoors person, golf, fishing,focusing mainly on wildlife photography

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Wayne_Duke commented on "Common Loon" 2014-12-30 6:48pm

Nice shot Mike, I have been going up Island and getting some Trumpeter Swans while the weather cooperates. Happy New Year to you.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Dual Landing" 2014-12-27 8:48pm

Geo.McBride & R_Rutkay...........thank you both for commenting on this photo

Wayne_Duke commented on "Hurry Mom" 2014-12-26 8:47pm

Santalucia, thankyou for the kind words. Yes it is amazing to see them in their natural environment. I couldn't help but push the shutter button whenever they were around. Hoping to get more this coming year with another trip to Africa.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Into the Lens" 2014-12-16 2:22am

Thanks for the gracious comment, glad to have made your acquaintance. Keep up the good work and maybe one day we can do a shoot together. Wayne

Wayne_Duke commented on "Thin Branches" 2014-12-06 2:21am

Yes you can, but make sure your Nikes are waterproof

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