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retired firefighter, avid outdoors person, golf, fishing,focusing mainly on wildlife photography

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Wayne_Duke commented on "Heron's Eye" 2015-02-08 9:27pm

Thankyou for your gracious comment

Wayne_Duke commented on "Damp" 2015-02-07 8:02pm

SuperDMac & hmellon, thanks for having a look, even on so-so days we can get lucky

Wayne_Duke commented on "Heron's Eye" 2015-02-07 7:59pm

fotojo & SuperDMac, glad you like the shot, sharing is what it's mostly about on this site as we continue to post.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Great One" 2015-02-07 7:53pm

Nice shot, hope you got one with it looking at you

Wayne_Duke commented on "Goldfinch" 2015-02-07 1:50am

E4210K, I am going to say this, and I wish others would advise, I noticed you have downloaded 25 photos to 4 others that managed to fit in. It is not necessary to download your whole portfolio all at once. You are not giving yourself a fair chance for others to view your work by downloading in mass. You are not the first but I'm sure others on this site feel the same, unless you are doing a series then maybe less is more........just my suggestion

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