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retired firefighter, avid outdoors person, golf, fishing,focusing mainly on wildlife photography

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Wayne_Duke commented on "From Another Era" 2017-03-09 4:18pm

As a kid, I still remember some of the old farms in Frontenac County, you have a gold mine of opportunities in your region.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Trio" 2017-03-08 9:19pm

Jenny and Watson_123, thanks for your kind words

Wayne_Duke commented on "Anna's Hummingbird (5948)" 2017-03-08 2:53am

Geoffrey-Shuen, this is not directly pointed at you, but I do not understand why the admin will allow for mass photo entries. It only pushes others that have posted to disappear from the first page prematurely, and many of us do not continue to page 2 to view. I personally check on a frequent basis to see new entries and find such a procedure distasteful. I know we all want others to view our work, but is this fair to others who also wish showcase their photos. It is allowed on this site and I personally think that a limited per day would correct such actions. As well as allowing to view comments that are very limited and do not proceed pass page one. That's my rant and I know from others that they too are wishing things were better on this site. Please don't take my comments personal but I feel that at sometime this needs to be answered, I have seen it too often. If you as members agree then finally speak up or it will never be addressed.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Great Gray Owl, Ontario, Canada" 2017-02-13 8:12pm

After seeing this shot it almost made me wish I was back in my hometown (Kingston). Great capture, nicely composed and edited.

Wayne_Duke commented on "The Water Still Flows" 2017-01-29 1:21am

Thanks for viewing and commenting on the following, Postcard Look...White Head...Rivers Edge...Just Stellar

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