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retired firefighter, avid outdoors person, golf, fishing,focusing mainly on wildlife photography

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Wayne_Duke commented on "Frightened Bald Eagle" 2017-04-11 2:40am

Andrew, firstly let me say this so that you do not take offence, but what is that shadow to the right of the eagle? That should be removed, it is a distraction. Secondly, the light is such that it is blowing out any detail to the head. Bright sunlight and white don't mix, if it doesn't look good to you then it doesn't look good to anyone else, don't try and make something that is not possible. Lastly, change the title of your photos instead of using the same on multiple photos, it makes it easier if someone is referring to one to relate to that file. I say these thing only to help you in your attempts to capture wildlife or other subjects. As we have corresponded in the past, I am only passing on suggestions.


Jenny, nicely done, that golden glow certainly adds to the lay back attitude of the bear.

Wayne_Duke commented on "The Long Wait" 2017-03-28 5:12pm

Jenny, fantastic, it's on the bucket list. So looking forward to a possible meet this summer and looking over your array of amazing wildlife shots.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Back Off !" 2017-03-26 4:01pm

Jenny, it's showing a little attitude, hey you got your shots now it's time for me to eat is what he is relating.

Wayne_Duke commented on "About To Bloom" 2017-03-24 11:57pm

Jenny, that's a long way from Grizzly Bears, surprised you're on the first page, one person posted 19 and another posted 18 today. Not fair to others that would like people to view their work. I have limited myself to posting on the site, very little interaction amongst the site members.

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