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After leaving the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, due to a motorcycle accident, I have pursued various occupations. My latest endeavour was being a cowboy for three months in the heart of the Chilcotin! My constant is being a household executive for my beautiful wife - and carrying a camera everywhere I go with our dog JOB. Life is a magnificent adventure, and I try to share my experiences in remote parts of Canada through photography and writing. It is my hope that you find pleasure in viewing my photos of this great country we live in. Cheers, Sticks




Sticks commented on "One of these Night" 2017-10-19 9:45am

That must have been a really magical moment. Pictures can only do so much, - so your trip must have been absolutely incredible!!! Thank you for all of your posts :)

Sticks commented on "The Left Overs" 2017-10-19 9:41am

Whoa - that is awesome David - what a shot! Great post :)

Sticks commented on "Rays of Light" 2017-10-19 9:40am

Looks like one of my trails back in Victoria - looking forward to walking it! Thank you for your post :)

Sticks commented on "Remember to Breath " 2017-10-18 11:53pm

Beautiful :)

Sticks commented on "Golden Yoho" 2017-10-18 11:49pm

Whoa - now that is beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

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