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Nice one Jeff.

Jenny_Stevens commented on "Wildlife in the house" 2017-02-20 4:41pm

It is good to see your name and all the information you give. And thank you for the congrats on the coin ! I would have thought this was a leaf.. :(

Sticks commented on "American Goldfinch" 2017-02-20 10:59am

Hey - great shot :) Thanks for looking at my photos - I told Job about yer comment.
Have a good one!

Sticks commented on "Hitting the Trail" 2017-02-20 10:53am

Thanks pal!!! Yeah - Job is is 1 1/2 now :) We were out snowshoeing and he cut his paw on a sharp stick. Five weeks later he is all mended up! I am still going to wait a couple days to ensure his paw toughens up a bit again, but then we will go out with a boot on that paw. We have a social time planned for him with a friend's pooch to celebrate the recovery :)

Sorry to hear about your loss...17 years is a lot of fun and friendship though eh. You must have some great memories. Job is the first canine friend I have ever had - now I cannot imagine being without him. My wife and I just love him, and he brings so much joy to our lives.

Cheers :)

Sticks commented on "Looking Back" 2017-02-20 9:46am

Far out - beautiful colours :)

Sticks commented on "Beautiful Noise" 2017-02-20 9:43am

Beautiful shot: Awesome stars :)

Sticks commented on "Squirrel" 2017-02-20 9:41am

Love the colours :)

Sticks commented on "Contemplative Bohemian Waxwing" 2017-02-20 9:39am

Great shot. Nothing like a dream coming true. I am fortunate with the wealth of these critters where I live. Walking through the forest I can hear their little voices. Job, my canine friend, and I have come across trees covered with them. It feels Christmastime when they perch on an old dead tree to rest for a bit. The Cedar waxwings do well out here too :) I could not count the multitude one day when I came over a ridge near a friend's house on my way to the post office through the woods.
Thanks for sharing!

Sticks commented on "Golden Goose Sunrise" 2017-02-20 9:28am

Beautiful moment shared with Canadian Geese eh :) Wow - love the colour...magical!

Sticks commented on "Enjoying the nice weather" 2017-02-20 9:26am

Beautiful backdrop for a picture of a magnificent Owl :)